Business Overview

Business Overview

Large solar power generation (megasolar) construction

Large solar power generation systems exceeding output of 1MW (1,000kW) are called megasolar plants and recent years have seen progress made in such installations for putting otherwise unused land to active use in many locations.
Our company works with partner contractors, taking responsibility to perform comprehensive works including design, surveying, land clearing, land forming, pile driving, electrical wiring and framing.
We flexibly support irregular conditions as well. You can trust in us.

All civil engineering works

We manage and implement a wide range of civil engineering jobs including heavy equipment work, earthwork improvement work, river work, various kinds of block works, gabions, landscaping/gardening work and more.
We handle both public and private works and are ready to be involved from the designing stages with private work.
Please feel free to contact us with your inquiries.

Waste treatment plants

  • Waste plastic treatment plants create carbon and prevent CO2 emissions from waste plastic

Major Suppliers

Ohgi Technological Creation, Co., Ltd. (