Hiring information

Welcoming even unexperienced staff!
Experience and certification preferred.

At Kizuna Kaihatsu, we are growing together to contribute to urban development. Won’t you join us?
Positions Available

①Civil engineering operator

②Heavy machinery operator (backhoe, bulldozer, heavy dump truck)

③On site technician (architect, civil engineering managing technician)

④Surveyor, surveyor assistant, labor assistant

Qualifications 18 to 60 years old (gender inclusive), local hiring possible
Working Area Tohoku,Kanto and Nationwide

①10,000 to 15,000 yen/day

②12,000 to 20,000 yen/day

③Class 1/2 Architect 400,000 yen to 1,000,000 yen/month
 Class 2 Civil Engineer negotiable during interview
 Class 1 Civil Engineer 400,000 to 700,000 yen/month
 Company vehicle provided

④Starting at 10,000 yen/day, 300,000 to 600,000 yen/month

Various Allowances As appropriate
Working Hours 8:00 to 17:00, varies by worksite
Holidays and Vacations Sundays, Golden Week, Summer Vacation, Year End/New Year’s * Depending on worksite
Benefits Social insurance, pension, employment insurance, employee dormitory available
How to Apply Contact by phone or email, interview at later date (branch, construction office)

Privacy Policy

Kizuna Kaihatsu, Co., Ltd (hereinafter, KIZUNA) may be informed of information necessary to contact the user when using this website including the user’s name, address, phone number and email (hereinafter, PERSONAL INFORMATION). KIZUNA handles PERSONAL INFORMAITON based on the following Privacy Policy determined according to the provisions of Personal Information Protection Law.

1, KIZUNA uses PERSONAL INFORMATION for the following purposes.

(1) Contact information including user name, address and email will be used to respond to inquiries from users.
(2) User provided opinions, survey results and browsing history will be used to improve services provided by KIZUNA.
(3) User browsing history and contact information including user name, address and email will be used to respond to inform users about the services of KIZUNA.


(1) KIZUNA will not disclose PERSONAL INFORMATION to third parties without approval from the user. This does not apply in cases covered by the following examples.
  • When demanded by public entities such as courts or police based on legal ordinance.
  • When it is possible that the user or a third party’s life, body or assets are in danger and the user’s agreement cannot be obtained.
  • When necessary to protect or defend the rights, assets or service of KIZUNA from actions against the law or the user agreement/warnings of KIZUNA and the user’s agreement cannot be obtained.
(2) Disclosure limited to when there is a request for disclosure of PERSONAL INFORMATION from the user and it is possible to confirm the user’s identity.
* This policy may be revised in whole or in part as needed without notice. (In that case, this page will be updated with a notice/notification.)